With over 30 years of experience, Fuelcom had provided quality maintenance services to the commercial and retail petroleum industries. For our clients, a maintenance contract from Fuelcom equals peace of mind. They operate in the knowledge that their fuelling systems are protected against failures and their finances against unpredictable costs.

The number of sites under our range of maintenance contracts is growing constantly. These sites include commercial petroleum markets, oil companies, local authorities, public utilities, emergency services, public transport operators and national haulage companies..

Fuelcom is the leading supplier of complete solutions in fuel engineering. We bring together the specialist skills in sales, installation and maintenance to offer a comprehensive service. We are fully experienced, trained and qualified in all areas of fuel engineering.

Our company philosophy is one of achievement through excellence. We are constantly reviewing and refining every aspect of our operation

Fuel System maintenance Contracts

Convert unplanned, uncapped ad hoc maintenance and repair costs into a fixed planned expense. Benefit from a single point of contact, quicker turnaround time and increased access to parts and consumables, all made possible by Fuelcom's service centre and network of field engineers.

Under our Fuel System Maintenance Contract you will receive:

  • All inclusive cover including travel time, spare parts and labour
  • All your fuelling equipment covered, including pumps, tanks, guages and pipe works
  • All mechanical, electrical and maladjustment failures repaired
  • All parts repairs or replacements
  • All replacement hoses and nozzles
  • One point of contact for all maintenance work

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

For even greater reliability of your fuelling equipment take out Fuelcom's preventative maintenance contract. Regular inspection and service visits detect and prevent potential failures before they happen. Take out our fuel maintenance contract for complete peace of mind.

Under our Preventative Maintenance Contract you will receive:

  • Regular visits from our highly trained staff
  • Full operational equipment checks
  • Electrics, filters, belts, bearings and moving parts assessed
  • Visual pipe work and tank leak inspection
  • Measurement accuracy checks