About FuelCom

Fuelcom has over 40 year's experience in petroleum equipment maintenance and sales.

Our expertise and technology has provided many local, national and international organisations, with total control over one of the most valuable resources in any business; fuel.

As a market leader in retail and commercial fuel management solutions and support services, we continue to maintain our leading position at the forefront of fuel efficient technology. Our leading edge maintenance and equipment solutions provide the key to effective fuel and asset management through greater product security and comprehensive reporting facilities.

Our solutions are tailored to allow you to operate a process of best practice. We are very keen to continue to build upon this reputation through continuous improvement to our support services that include consultancy, training, hardware maintenance and software support. From our Head Office we have the ability to tailor our products to meet every customer's needs. These developments have brought Fuelcom from being a service provider to now providing a range of technologically advanced solutions including fuel dispensers, underground fuel storage tanks, pipework, tank gauges and point of sale equipment and translating those requirements into business knowledge.

About Us